26 Aug

New Webpage

After switching our webpage from our first approach trying to show our clients the available apartments and houses in Shanghai to our enhanced, improved and totally remodeled one last week, we worked very hard since then to fix all the minor bugs, especially the display of our header and the design in different browsers.

With the help of Delle (who helped us fix many problems which seemd at times impossible to solve) we are very proud to announce that our webpage www.apartmentinshanghai.com is now running at full speed and providing everyone with the latest available housing in Shanghai. We want to explicitly thank Delle for supporting us with this webpage and can't wait to welcome him here in our beautiful city of Shanghai. 

Should there still be any bug we have overseen or you have any suggestions for improvement of this page, please let us know and feel free to contact us at manager@apartmentinshanghai.com

With kindly regards,

Manager of Xinhui Real Estate Agency Shanghai